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Meet the Team

The Company

Gazda has been servicing GTA and surrounding areas, including cottage country, for over 10 years. One of the company's most important goals is to provide "warrantied, properly done work". We specialise in helping our customers with any plumbing related issues, emergency/non emergency drainwork, water service work, and waterproofing foundations. Our small company of successful experts will assist you and provide the best possible and honest solution for your issue/request.  

Yuriy Dudar - Founder

In early 2007, Mr. Dudar founded Gazda - a small company of successful experts. After many years of expertise in the field with projects of different levels of complexity, Mr. Dudar came to a conclusion that the only work that is worth doing is warrantied, properly completed and honest work. In today's society, it is hard to find honest and professional businesses. That is why Gazada guarantees top quality honest solution and supervised work throughout all the steps in the procedure of properly done projects.  

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